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     Donna's Poems



The Lost Dog

Today I was roaming the streets
Cause my owners want me no more,
I met a gentleman on a park bench...
He looked lonely and his health was poor.

When he stood up, he looked down at me
He said, "You hungry, Boy?
I bet we can fetch a bologna sandwich."
And I wagged my tail with joy.

When we got to his house, I was led inside
I felt comfortable right away,
Yet I was quite nervous, cause
I wasn't for sure if I were going to stay.

The man went into the kitchen and said,
"Come, Boy, let's see what we got,"
I obeyed his command quickly
The fridge door was open, and I saw a lot!

We ate til we were full and satisfied
He said, "Boy, you look so lost and alone,
I don't think you're in a hurry to be anywhere
Let's just make this your home."

I felt a tear run down my cheek
'Someone wants me to stay!'
I licked his hand to show gratitude
I was lost, but found on the very same day!

Jerry LaRue

He was only seven

When they came to take him away,

Not knowing where he was going

I still remember it today.

We were playing in the backyard

Just like kids used to do,

Some people drove up in a chevy

To come get Jerry LaRue.

They went to the porch and knocked

As my mother answered the door,

They said, "We are here for Jerry

He can't live here any more."


We packed up Jerry's things

Gave him a hug or two,

Told him how much we loved him

And he said, "I love all of you."


Several years later we saw Jerry

He remembered us and smiled,

He was adopted by a good family

But he was ours for awhile.

My Sister


I was born on an August day

The weather was extremely hot,

My parents lived in a two room house

With my sister, a little tot.


When I came home from the hospital

My sister was happy to welcome me,

She would give me attention

And was good as she could be.


As I got older, I got mean

Cause she wouldn't treat me right,

I would find ways to pay her back

That would lead to a fight.


My sister would make me so mad

Over some of the things she'd say,

I would contemplate and scheme

Until I'd get my way.


My sister grew older and got married

I missed her more than i thought i would,

I would take back all I said and did

I would go back if only I could


I remember times I wanted to kick her
Cause she always wanted me clean,
She would take a rag and wash my neck
Sometimes I thought she was just mean.

My neck was always ticklish
Even with her gentle hands,
I tried so hard to squirm away
That's the only time we weren't friends.

She kept on loving and spoiling me
She would rock and sing me to sleep,
Her voice was so comforting to my ears
My love for her was deep.

As the years have passed along
Her voice still comforts me today,
I'm going to visit with my mother
To enjoy this Mother's Day.

Santa Claus


The day I saw Santa Claus

I felt my toes curl in my shoes,

He was an oversized fella

Just how does he fit in chimney flues?


My stomach began to have butterflies

As I studied his clothes and beard,

I sure wanted a new barbie doll

But this guy looked weird.


I turned to mommy and hung on

So tightly to her skirt,

He whispered,  "Come over here, little girl."

And my stomach began to hurt.


My mother led me by the hand

As I caught a tear in my fist,

I stood there in front of Santa Claus

And told him my Christmas list.


Santa Claus smiled and looked at me,

My face wet with tears,

Santa became my friend

And has been for many years.

As we go about our lives today
With our family and friends,
Don't forget about God
He will judge us in the end.

Today I celebrate my love for Gerald
I'm shouting it in everyone's ears,
I found the man I love completely
We've been together 17 years!!



The Beginning

The beginning of a rosebud
Shining against the sun,
Grooming to be the prettiest
Until the flower's done.

The beginning of a childhood...
A lot of diapers to change,
Feeding time, nap time,
Life is rearranged.

The beginning of a relationship
Love from the heart,
Kissing, hugging, making love
Never being apart.

The beginning of the day
Sun shining so bright,
What's even lovelier
Is sunset at night.

The beginning of a book
Getting better toward the end,
Talking about making love, and
Doing it again.
Thanksgiving Day

When you gather with your family
On this Thanksgiving Day,
Think about the homeless
Who have no place to stay.

When you bow your head in prayer...
Think of the ones who may not eat,
Praise God you're with your loved ones
And you have somewhere to meet.

While you're laughing with your company
Think of the ones who are ill,
Loved ones at the hospital dying
Their world is standing still.

When you go to bed on Thanksgiving night
Think of all the fun and joy you had,
Pray for the ones who were alone and cold
Ones who spent the day being sad.


Sometimes life can be disturbing
When we lose the ones we love,
An emptiness is left behind
Life becomes different for us.

No longer can we call that person
Tell them the good news today,
We can't touch or hold them
They have forever gone away.

It is so painful to really want
To be with them once more,
Your heart feels broken a million times
The pain and sorrow can't be ignored.

You have to focus on the memories of
The fun and laughter that was shared,
Know you did all you could
To show them that you cared.

The emptiness can never be filled
It will be there 'til the day you die,
Loneliness will hover over you
No matter who is standing by.